The Ultimate List of Slime Supplies (to make hundreds of recipes!)

Inside: The ultimate list of slime supplies – everything you need to make tons of different slime recipes.

From classic glue slime to edible Jello slime, if you love slime then we’ve got you covered! This is our master list of slime supplies needed to make a huge variety of slimes!

The ultimate list of slime supplies - everything you need to make dozens (or even hundreds) of unique and exciting slimes! Edible, glowing, fluffy, & more!

The Ultimate List of Slime Supplies

Find everything you need to make dozens of different slime recipes, including all of those listed in The Slime Book!

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How to make classic slime:

Traditional slime can use three different activators. Our favorite is liquid starch, but contact solution is a close second. (You sometimes need a dash of baking soda to make it work.)

Slime Add-ins:

For Fluffy Slime — Shaving cream is one option for making fluffy slime, but be sure to get one that is gentle on hands. Alternatively, diaper crystals makes for great fluffy slime!

For Stretchy Slime — Hand lotion makes for a stretchier slime, while modeling clay makes for a less messy and tougher stretchy slime.

For Sparkly Slime — A good-quality glitter glue is a fun way to add a bit of glamour to a traditional slime recipe – but skip the dollar store versions as they don’t work nearly as well.

Edible Slime Supplies Listed in The Slime Book:

More Slime Mix-ins:

Slime Supplies to Extend Your Play:

The ULTIMATE Guide to Making Slime:

The Slime Book - ultimate guide to making slime

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