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One of our favorite easy sensory bins to set up is a Soap Foam Sensory Bin. I usually make soap foam in the summer and fill up our water tables with it, but I was recently preparing a special supper and wanted to keep the kids busy in the kitchen as I focused on cooking.

This easy kitchen sensory bin took me minutes to set up and entertained the kids for close to half an hour while I cooked! Even better, it was a breeze to clean-up! This is the perfect quick activity when you don’t just want to stick the kids in front of the TV.

My first attempt at making soap foam was an utter failure because the tutorial I read suggested using a mixer – like the kind you mix cookie dough with. But soap foam looked like too much fun to give up! So I improvised and used a blender instead — this time it worked perfectly!

The soap foam that this recipe creates is cool, bubbly and like a giant bubble bath (without the water) in the middle of the kitchen. (The absence of water made this a relatively no-spill and mess-free sensory bin.)

The soap lasts for quite a while before all of the foam eventually dissolves and leaves a small puddle of water in the sensory bin which I just brought right over to the bath tub and poured out. Easy set-up, easy clean-up.

This easy sensory bin bought me 20-30 minutes of interruption-free kitchen time which was an absolute miracle. I was able to keep the kids in the kitchen with me without having to worry about them getting underfoot or fighting (I added LOTS of kitchen utensils to the bin) so this bin is a definite win!

Soap Foam Sensory Bin Supplies

  • Flavor drink crystals (like Koolaid)
  • 1/2 cup dish soap
  • Lots of water
  • Kitchen tools
  • Large storage bin
  • Blender

Tip: you can add liquid watercolors or food dye for a more colorful soap foam bin, but my goal was to make something fun for the kids quickly with what I already had in the kitchen.

How to Make Soap Foam for Sensory Play:

STEP ONE: Add the drink crystals and dish soap to a blender and add 1 cup of water. Blend until the blender fills with soap foam.

STEP TWO: Empty out the foam into your storage bin and keep blending, adding more water as needed to keep producing more and more foam.

TIP: When you have filled your storage container with soap foam, add a few kitchen tools for the kids to play with and enjoy the few minutes of kitchen freedom this sensory bin has bought you!

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Easy set-up, virtually mess free, and quick clean up make this Soap Foam Sensory Bin an awesome indoor kids activity! Keep 'em busy for hours of clean play!

I hope you give this easy kitchen sensory bin a try – let me know how your kids liked it and how you used your “interruption free” time.

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  1. Thank you for this recipe, edible slime. I was thrown into leading crafts at a small community library and have been desperate for ideas, since I WAS “the LEGO lady”. These are two very different events.

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