20 Healthy Christmas Kids Snacks


One thing that is never in short supply at Christmastime is unhealthy treats, but thanks to these 20 Healthy Christmas Kids Snacks, it’s actually easy to help nurture healthy eating habits throughout the Christmas season.

20 delicious and healthy Christmas treats for kids that you can feel good about serving

These healthy Christmas kids’ snacks will not only give you fun and creative options this holiday season, but they will also help your child create positive food memories and associations with healthy foods.

Imagine, your child might grow to crave cucumbers or olives around the holidays the same way that you crave your favourite nostalgic holiday treat!

Here are 20 healthy Kids Christmas Snacks for you to enjoy with your children — some with less than a minute’s prep time needed!


olive cream cheese penguin snack

This is such a cute mini-kebab – Olive Penguin Appetizers from Pizzazzerie.


We’ve never tried potato soup, but I think we will have to so we can make Munchkin and Mom’s Snowman Soup!

christmas wreath snack idea

Creative Kids Snacks has a few Christmas snack ideas, but my favourite has to be the vegetable wreath with cottage cheese! And, I’m pretty sure I’d be the coolest mom ever with this Elsa snack.


Fantastic Fun and Learning made this super-simple healthy tree-shaped snack out of celery and a bit of yellow pepper.


Kids’ Activities Blog has these cute strawberry Santa hats, or you could make Grinch Party Poppers.


In the Kids Kitchen (oh hey!) made these fun popcorn snowballs with the kids. (And did you know, popcorn can be a full meal?)

christmas tree snack idea

Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of creative plate arranging — like Sugar Aunts shows with these cute apple and pretzel stick trees!

christmas bento box

I love this Christmas bento box from JDaniel4’s Mom — we’ve been starting to use bento boxes more often now, so we’ll likely try this one!


I’d add some guacamole or salsa (red and green!) to this fun tortilla tree from Motherhood on a Dime and call it a day!


I don’t know what I love more about this cucumber tree snack from Kiddie Foodies — the vegetable “ornaments,” the cheese-cube presents… it’s all just too cute! Gosia also has these melon and berry snowmen (with chocolate chip buttons).


True Aim Education uses fruit and graham crackers (a healthy, yet still delicious cookie) for this nativity scene on a plate.

Santa's Snack Mix

Help Santa Out by offering him a healthy snack mix from My Nearest and Dearest — the man gets enough cookies. (And while you’re there, check out their Christmas Tree snack that even kids can make.)

fruit tree snack idea

Major wow-factor in this Christmas fruit tree from Mama. Papa. Bubba. (Or as I like to refer to her, the other Jennifer from Canada with a Miss G for a daughter.)

window sandwiches

Depending on what you put in the middle, these window sandwiches from Laughing Kids Learn would be such an easy replacement for those tricky window cookies!

banana snowman snack

These banana snowmen from Littlest Learners could easily be made by the kids!



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