20 Best Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

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This Valentine’s Day, skip the flowers and say it with cupcakes! These Valentine’s Day cupcake recipes are bursting with creative flair and festive fun that both kids and grown-ups will love!

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20 Stunning Valentine’s Day Cupcake Recipes

We’ve put together a fun collection of Valentine’s Day Cupcakes from our favorite food bloggers!

There are so many clever ideas here that are guaranteed to make your favorite people feel special!

Many of these recipes can be made by and enjoyed by kids of all ages. Don’t write off a recipe because it looks too fancy or complicated to make – you’d be surprised at how easy most of these masterpieces are to recreate!

My daughter, Miss G, made these Natural Strawberry-Vanilla Cupcakes last year for Valentine’s Day and Stacey’s cute strawberry ladybugs would make an adorable cupcake topper, too!

Have fun looking at all of these Valentine’s Day Cupcakes! If you do make any of them, we’d love to hear how they turned out in the comments below!

— Jennifer

Our Favorite Valentine’s Day Cupcake Recipes

This year we’ve added our own favorite Valentine’s Day Cupcakes to the list! Click here to try our:

These XOXO Valentine's Day Cupcakes are just gorgeous! They're perfect for a kids Valentine's Day party or a grown-up soirée too!

XOXO Valentine Cupcakes – Delicious vanilla cupcakes topped with vanilla frosting and chocolate letters and and hearts.

platter of strawberry cupcakes topped with chocolate frosting and half of a chocolate covered strawberry.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes – A decadent twist on the classic Valentine treat, featuring strawberry cupcakes topped with chocolate frosting and a chocolate covered strawberry.

white cupcake cut in half to reveal a red heart inside.

Hidden Heart Cupcakes – When you cut into the cupcakes it reveals a red heart inside! Recipe by A Helicopter Mom.

chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and chocolate candy on top.

Buttermilk Chocolate Cupcakes with Whipped Ganache Frosting –  Chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate icing and Valentine candy. A chocolate lover’s dream! Recipe by Belle of the Kitchen.

strawberry cupcakes with vanilla icing and a "love" cupcake topper.

 Strawberry Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting – The cupcake topper on these Valentine cupcakes is so pretty! Recipe by Life Love and Sugar.

chocolate cupcake with heart cutout to reveal pink frosting inside.

Valentines Day Raspberry Buttercream Cupcakes – A heart cutout reveals pretty pink frosting inside. Recipe by Frugal Mom Eh.

chocolate cupcake cut in half to show thick strawberry frosting on top.

Strawberry Puffcakes – Chocolate cupcakes with a cloud of strawberry icing on top. Recipe by The Girl Who Ate Everything.

strawberry cupcakes with a strawberry cut into a heart shape on top.

Gluten Free Strawberry Cupcakes – These fluffy GF strawberry cupcakes are topped with strawberry infused frosting and a strawberry shaped like a heart.

red velvet cupcakes with white icing and red heart sprinkles.

Red Velvet Cupcakes with White Chocolate Mousse – Rich red velvet cupcakes topped with a mousse like icing and red heart sprinkles. Festive and delicious! Recipe by Your Cup of Cake.

pink velvet cupcakes with white icing.

Pink Velvet Cupcakes – If you love red velvet cupcakes, you’ve got to try pink velvet too! They’re made with less food coloring for a delicate look. Recipe by I Heart Naptime.

cupcakes decorated to look like Valentine "love bugs".

DIY Love Bug Cupcakes – How adorable are these love bug cupcakes by The Cake Blog?!

cupcakes with red and white swirled frosting.

Red Hot Cinnamon Kiss Cupcakes – Spice things up with these cinnamon red hot flavored cupcakes and swirled frosting! Recipe by Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog.

pink cupcakes with pink frosting and sprinkles.

Pink Confetti Cupcakes – These pretty pink cupcakes are fit for a princess! Recipe by Your Cup of Cake.

chocolate cupcakes with pink raspberry filling.

Valentine Raspberry Cream Filled Cupcakes – These delicious chocolate cupcakes are filled with a bright pink raspberry cream for a Valentine flavor surprise! Recipe by Cincy Shopper.

chocolate cupcakes with cream filling and pink frosting.

Raspberry Cheesecake Chocolate Cupcakes – These chocolate cupcakes have a cheesecake filling and rich raspberry frosting. Recipe by Inside Bru Crew Life.

heart shaped pink frosted cupcakes.

Heart-Shaped Cupcakes – Placing a marble in each cupcake tin turns regular cupcakes into a heart shape! What an easy hack for Valentine’s Day! Recipe by Scattered Thought of a Crafty Mom.

pink frosted cupcakes topped with chocolate bon buns.

Neapolitan Bonbon Cupcakes – Layers of frosting topped with chocolate candy makes these cupcakes a real treat! Recipe by Sprinkle Bakes.

So cute and so much chocolate! These Valentine Teddy Bear Cupcakes are a sweet treat that will delight your little sweethearts!

Teddy Bear Cupcakes – Chocolate cupcakes with a cute teddy bear face made with chocolate candy. Kids will LOVE this unique Valentine cupcake recipe!

close up of a plate of strawberry cupcakes

2-Ingredient Strawberry Cupcakes – All you need is a box of cake mix and a can of soda to make these pink strawberry flavored cupcakes. Perfect if you’re in a hurry!

pink champagne cupcakes.

Pink Champagne Cupcakes – Use champagne extract for a family-friendly treat!

Are you in the mood for cupcakes now? Which recipe do you think you’ll be trying this Valentine’s Day?

The Sweetest collection of Valentine's Day Cupcakes from our favorite food bloggers!

For more delicious Valentine’s Day treats to make with kids, check out:


5-Minute Pink Peppermint Fluff

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